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T R A N S M I S S I O N  D E S I G N

At LCC we focus on developing a route-map with the client to design projects with the best possible quality.


  • Designs of different transmission technologies:

    • Mobile access: Radio link networks ( PMW ), FTTN and MBH .

    • Fixed access: FTTH (Fiber To The Home), HFC (Hybrid-Fiber-Cable) and GPON (Gigabit-capable Passive Optical Network) networks.

    • Transport: DWDM , CWDM, Carrier Ethernet, SDH and PDH networks.


  • High Level Design (HLD) activities:

    • Network viability analysis (topology, capacity, unavailability and latency).

    • BoQ of necessary equipment.

    • Knowledge of the hardware equipment of the main manufacturers in the market (Huawei, Ericsson, Alcatel-Lucent, Nokia Siemens and ZTE).

    • Network diagram designs.


  • Low Level Design (LLD) activities:

    • Types of transmission jobs:

      • Equipment swaps.

      • Services balance.

      • New integrations.

      • Route migrations.

      • Equipment expansion.

    • LLD transmission design (interference calculation, radio frequency band assignment, antennas, lambda channel assignment, types of network protection and routing protocols, among others).
    • On-site and remote line of sight analysis for new microwave radio links.

    • Simulations of network configurations (radioelectric spectrum and power balance in fiber optic links).

    • Generation of transmission equipment configuration scripts (OLTs, switches and routers) according to customer regulations.

    • Technical environment designs.

    • Frequency assignment procedures with the Ministry.

    • Management and monitoring of work orders and scheduled jobs.

    • Databases inventory of the main operators in Spain (Orange, Masmóvil, Lyntia, Vodafone and Telefónica).

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T R A N S M I S S I O N 


At LCC we work side by side with the client to ensure each network intervention and deploy the best possible solution.


  • Integration of new transmission equipment:

    • OLT (Huawei MA5800-X7 / X15 / X17) and fiber nodes (Huawei CMC MA5833).

    • Routers (Huawei PTN910 / 1900/3900/6900, ATN910 / 950, NE40, NE8000, Nokia 7750).

    • Switches (Huawei S6320, Nokia 7450 ESS).

    • Radio links (Huawei RTN380 / 950/980, Alcatel MPR9500, Nokia-Siemens Flexipacket A1200 / A2200, Ericsson TN6P / 20P and CN510 / 810).

    • WDM : (Huawei OSN1800 / 6800/8800/9800 and Nokia 1830).


  • MBH, FTTH and WDM migrations:

    • FTTN (Fiber to the node) or MM (Middle-Mile).

    • Transmission equipment swap (PTN, ATN, NE40 or CMC).

    • Creation of WDM MAN (Metropolitan Area Network) and LH (Long Haul) services.

    • OLA and ROADM migrations .

    • Balance & retuning of WDM services.

    • Preparation of scheduled jobs (checking of alarms and IPs, script testing and assurance of viable transmission).

    • Field technician support (on-site).

    • Checklist of “Ready for On Air”.

    • End-To-End 2G, 3G, 4G and 5G routes configuration.

    • Knowledge of the hardware equipment of the main manufacturers in the market (Huawei, Ericsson, Alcatel-Lucent, Nokia Siemens).

    • Knowledge of the network managers of the main market manufacturers: U2000 and NCE from Huawei, DXX and SOEM from Ericsson, SAM from Alcatel-Lucent and TNMS and NetViewer from Nokia Siemens.

A N A L Y S I S  & 


At LCC we care, together with the client, about the optimization of processes and continuous improvement of the transmission networks.


  • Enabling performances on transmission equipment.


  • Real-time monitoring and incident analysis.


  • Ad-hoc troubleshooting on network incidents.


  • Checklist of network elements and configurations.


  • Optimized handbook of solutions to network incidents.


  • Implementation of preventive tasks.


  • Babysitting activities on the client.


  • Backoffice for analysis of performance KPIs (DCR, CSSR, RSSI, traffic loss, throughput, micro cuts or latency).


  • Standardization of scenarios in the laboratory.


  • Traffic balance, configuration changes and re-routing of affected services.


  • Reporting on network status, capacity, performance, and recommendations for improvement.

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N E T W O R K  A U D I T

At LCC, thanks to the End-To-End management of transmission projects, we have deep extensive experience in network audit analysis to ensure the quality of every deployment.


  • At each milestone, the necessary checks are carried out to ensure quality:

    • Design audit.

    • Inventory audit.

    • Implementation audit.


  • Process applicable to all layers of the network:

    • Radio mobile access.

    • Transmission mobile access.

    • Fixed access.

    • Transport.

    • Core / BBIP.


  • Active network configurations status audit to anticipate future problems:

    • Ports configuration.

    • Software versions review.

    • Radio links modulations.

    • Full-duplex working mode.

    • Physical interface information (PIR).

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